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Network Monitoring

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Network Monitoring

How often have you had a network outage, and your monitors simply said “It’s down”. No other data, no other “hey we lost signal” or other actually useful information?

We’ve been there, we’ve all been there.

Enter our specialized cloud-based, fully redundant and systemic network monitoring platform: Acilis CoreDigm.

CoreDigm is a one-stop, next-generation telco grade network monitoring platform. We start by creating a dedicated management path to every network device at every network location. We manage each location with a dedicated management data aggregation device. Then we make sure that every location has at least 2 paths to get its real and near-realtime data back to the CoreDigm servers, providing an out of band LTE-based connection where necessary.

But we don’t just manage simple SNMP or Ups/Downs. We clock netflow/sflow. Syslog. Traps. Coredigm can function as your centralized core services platform: NTP, DNS, DHCP. We even manage central network administration access control: Radius, TACACS. We provide a simple web based portal to see all of this information about your network, integrated with your Acilis network data as well. Need to drill in remotely? Simply use a Coredigm VPN or Workspace to access your network remotely from any device. It’s that simple.

Coredigm monitoring is automatically included for any site which Acilis provides services to, and is available for monitoring additional sites on a per site-month basis.