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Optical Wavelengths

Acilis offers our members point to point optical wavelengths at 1G, 10G, 40G, and 100G across our owned and operated DWDM optical network, and access to the packet optical networks of our member and MSA carriers as needed and available. We can also engineer custom solutions involving multiple carrier solutions and breakout waves as necessary using the latest in OTN technologies. These solutions can be used for anything from tower backhaul to micropop fiber, network core aggregation to Type II/off net service delivery.

Carrier Ethernet

Acilis’ backbone network operates with a Software Defined MPLS core layer which can transport ethernet services between any Acilis POP in MEF standard Ethernet Private Line and Virtual Private Line services. We have ENNIs with all of our member and MSA carriers and can interconnect multiple carriers as necessary to create the right solution for your connectivity.

Carrier Ethernet can be used for anything from tower backhaul to micropop fiber, network core aggregation to Type II/off net service delivery. We can be your single source for backhaul solutions in your network.


IP Transit

Acilis operates our own IP Transit blended service with route tables from multiple Tier 1 IP transit networks. We also directly peer with the largest content networks including Google, Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. The BGP routed network rides on top of our SDN MPLS core transport network and our optical backbone.

IP Space: Acilis can assist you in obtaining IP space, or retaining IP address space from your current provider (in some cases) in your conversion to Acilis services.


Cloud Connection

Over the Acilis SDN MPLS network, we are able to extend direct cloud interfaces from the leading cloud services providers directly to your service provider network to enable these services to your clients.



Acilis can provide any colocation need you may require – either by the RU or by the Rack, in any of our datacenters. We also can work with collocating on tower leases under our volume agreements or in our network of regen stations if you need DC level services in the middle of nowhere.


Video Content and Middleware

Acilis has direct NNIs with leading video service providers and can provide its members with wholesale access to video content networks. Acilis also operates a network of local receive facilities in markets it operates within to receive local content OTA stations and provide wholesale IP video feeds to its members.

Acilis also has bulk access to video middleware platform services with caching and feature servers already on-net.


Network Monitoring

How often have you had a network outage, and your monitors simply said “It’s down”. No other data, no other “hey we lost signal” or other actually useful information?

We’ve been there, we’ve all been there.

Enter our specialized cloud-based, fully redundant and systemic network monitoring platform: Acilis CoreDigm.

CoreDigm is a one-stop, next-generation telco grade network monitoring platform. We start by creating a dedicated management path to every network device at every network location. We manage each location with a dedicated management data aggregation device. Then we make sure that every location has at least 2 paths to get its real and near-realtime data back to the CoreDigm servers, providing an out of band LTE-based connection where necessary.

But we don’t just manage simple SNMP or Ups/Downs. We clock netflow/sflow. Syslog. Traps. Coredigm can function as your centralized core services platform: NTP, DNS, DHCP. We even manage central network administration access control: Radius, TACACS. We provide a simple web based portal to see all of this information about your network, integrated with your Acilis network data as well. Need to drill in remotely? Simply use a Coredigm VPN or Workspace to access your network remotely from any device. It’s that simple.

Coredigm monitoring is automatically included for any site which Acilis provides services to, and is available for monitoring additional sites on a per site-month basis.