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Thinking about jumping onboard? Just want a quote for services?

Acilis is more than just a sales agent. We become your partner in telecom solutions.

We believe in mutually beneficial, respectful relationships that ultimately benefit both parties. We aren’t in this business to sell to you once and never check in or follow up.

We want you to be as successful as possible and to help your business grow. In that thread, let’s talk about our quote process.

Not a wholesale buyer? Check out our Member Carriers page for local Acilis sales contacts

If you’re a bona fide wholesale telecom buyer, get started by filling out the contact form below. Our system will immediately populate and send you an electronic nondisclosure agreement – we require an executed NDA before getting into too deep of a conversation or providing a lot of pricing information.

Once you’ve completed your eNDA, let’s chat. We’re the easiest people in the world to do business with – hit us up over email, phone, slack, facebook messenger, skype for business, whatever channel suits you.

We’ll gather your requirements and get some carrier action going. Keep in mind that we are still working with the big carriers even though you may not, so their processes do come into play here. We’re normally requesting multiple service options, etc. so it could take a little bit for quotes to come back. But we’re doing the hard work for you at this point, with our team of carrier reps who we talk to all the time (sometimes multiple times a day!)

If you’re doing direct shopping with carriers as well, that’s great. We only ask that you share our open and honest sales approach and share those quotes with us so we’re truly comparing apples to apples. It’s rare that we aren’t able to get a better deal than a carrier directly, but we need to know if we’re not the best deal – because that means our guys normally did something wrong, or we need to work a little harder. While we want your business, we also want you to have the best overall value for service received, and if we can’t do a deal that’s the best value, we won’t push it.

However, we don’t appreciate folks who come in, get a quote from us, then just go around us and try to get the deal directly with the carrier. We take a lot of time in engineering and research to build solutions for our potential and member networks, and frankly, circumventing one of our solutions with a direct buy just isn’t professional or respectful. So just be honest and open with us and we’ll do the same.

With that, let’s get started….

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